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  • Bark of the Berberis Aristatais Harvested in Large Quantities


    Since March 20, 2022, Ya’an Times Biotech?has picked a large amount of?Berberis aristatais bark from our?own base to reserve?enough raw materials for the?this year’s?future production of berberine hydrochloride.

    Berberine?HCL?is one of our company’s advantageous products. Ya’an, Sichuan, where Ya’an Times Biotech?is located, has natural geographical and climatic advantages and is rich in high-quality Berberis aristatais, which is the best raw material for producing high-quality berberine hydrochloride. In the past 12 years, our berberine hydrochloride has been exported to Europe, the United States and other countries and regions, and has been widely praised by our customers.


    As a factory supplier, Times?will continue to increase the output of berberine hydrochloride this year, strictly control product quality, and continue to serve customers with competitive prices and quality.


    At the same time, we also pay high special attention to the sustainable development of the company and the protection of the ecological environment. We use scientific interplanting, replanting and other methods to timely replenish the planting area of Berberis aristatais trees that have been harvested to maintain a continuous supply of raw materials.

    Post time: Mar-25-2022
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