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  • 12th Anniversary Celebration

    On December 7, 2021, the day of the 12th anniversary of YAAN Times Biotech Co., Ltd., a grand celebration ceremony and a fun sports meeting for employees are held in our company.

    First of all, the Chairman of YAAN Times Biotech Co., Ltd Mr. Chen Bin made an opening speech, summarizing Times’ achievements in the past 12 years since its establishment and expressing gratitude to the team members for their dedication:

    1: The company has developed from a single trading company to a production-oriented group enterprise with 3 factories in 12 years. The new herbal extract factory, the camellia oil factory and our pharmaceutical factory are all under construction and will be put into use in one or two years when our products category will be more abundant and can meet the different needs of the different industries, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, dietary supplements, veterinary drugs, etc.
    2: Thanks to the team members who have been silently dedicated to the development of the company with hard working from the beginning of the company’s establishment to the present, which helps Times laid a solid management foundation and talent pool for the future development.

    Opening Ceremony


    Then Mr. Chen announced the start of the fun games.
    Shooting in groups.
    Under the light rain, the playground is a little bit slippery. How to adjust the shooting strategy according to the present environment and condition is the key to win.
    The principle that got from this game: the only thing remains unchanged in the world is change itself, and we need to adjust ourselves to respond to changes of the world.


    Passing the hula hoop.
    The members of each team need to hold hands to ensure that the hula hoops are quickly passed between the players without touching the hula hoops by hands.
    The principle that got from this game: when one person is not able to complete the task by himself/herself, it is very important to seek the support of team members.


    Walking with 3 bricks
    Use the movement of 3 bricks to ensure that we can reach the destination in the shortest time under the condition that our feet do not touch the ground. Once any of our foot touches the ground, we need to start again from the starting point.
    The principle that got from this game: slow is fast. We cannot abandon quality to pursue delivery time or output. Quality is our foundation for further development.


    Three persons walking with one leg tied together with the other’s .
    The three persons in one team need to tie one of their legs with one of the other’s legs and reached the finish line as soon as possible.
    The principle that got from this game: a team can hardly succeed by relying on one person to fight alone. Coordinating and working together is the best way to reach the success.


    Besides above mentioned sports, Tug of War and Running with playing Pingpang are also very interesting and get all the teams involved. During the sports, each team member worked hard and dedicated their own efforts for the victory of their team. It is a good chance for our team to built trust and understanding with each other and we look forward to the more brilliant future of Times.


    Post time: Jan-02-2022
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