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  • Factory Supply Pure Natural Mucuna Extract Levodopa

    Short Description:

    (1) English name: Mucuna extract

    (powder & granular)

    (2) Specification: 15%-98% ( Levodopa)

    (3) Extraction source: seed of the Mucuna Pruriens Var. utilis

    Mucuna is the seed of the legume Stizolobium capitatum (Sweet) O.Kuntze. Distributed in Jiangsu and Anhui. With Qi, Sheng Jin effect. Often used to quench thirst.?Mucuna is?flat oval or kidney-shaped, about 1.4cm long, 1cm wide and 6mm thick. The surface is gray-white, with gray-black markings, slightly shrunken, slightly shiny, with gray-black hilum on the edge, about 6mm long and 1.5mm wide, and there is a white-like membrane-like caruncle on the hilum. Hard. The seed coat is thin and crisp, and the cotyledons are yellowish-white.

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    (4) Efficacy or purpose:
    Levodopa is the main effective ingredient of mucuna extract. Levodopa is one of the precursor substances for the synthesis of norepinephrine and dopamine in the body. It can increase the level of dopamine in brain tissue. It is an important biologically active substance in the body, ranging from l-tyrosine to catecholamine and melanin. An important intermediate product in the process of biochemical metabolic pathways. Therefore, mucuna extract can promote muscle growth and lose weight. Promote sleep, reduce fat, increase bone density, reverse osteoporosis and increase muscle strength. It can also get rid of evil, relieve pain, reduce edema, remove stomach heat, clear blood stasis, and detoxify drugs.

    It is often used to treat Parkinson's disease, venomous snake bites, male infertility and other diseases.


    Why us?

    ●?Made in China, using own planted raw material to make premium products

    ●?Fast lead times

    ●?9 – step quality control process

    ●?Highly experienced operations and quality assurance staff

    ●?Stringent in-house testing standards

    ●?Warehouse both in USA and China, fast response

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    Packing and Storage

    Packing: 25kgs/drum. Packing in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside.

    Storage:Store in a well-closed container away from moisture, sun light, or heat.

    Shelf Life:2 years.

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