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  • Factory Supply Hot Sale Pure Natural Wheatgrass Powder

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    Name: Wheatgrass Powder

    Material: wheatgrass leaves

    Color: green

    Appearance: powder

    Product specification: 25kg/drum or customized

    Shelf life: 12 months

    Storage method: Please store in a cool, ventilated and dry place

    Place of Origin: Ya’an, Sichuan, China

    Uses: dietary supplement, baking

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    Wheat straw powder is a new type of health care product and green powder. It is a kind of green food which is dried and crushed with fresh straw as the main raw material. It is easier to store and carry than wheat seedling juice, and it is also very simple to consume. Wheat straw powder retains most of the nutrients in wheat straw, which can purify blood, detoxify and lose weight. The following is a detailed introduction to its efficacy and function. Those who want to eat wheat straw powder can concentrate.

    Benefits and Effects of Wheatgrass Powder

    1. Purify the blood

    Wheat straw powder also contains a lot of chlorophyll, which can directly enter the human blood. It can increase the activity of red blood cells and enhance hematopoietic function. It also removes toxins that build up in the blood, allowing them to be metabolized with the body and eliminated from the body. It prevents the drugs and toxins in the teahouse from harming human cells. In addition, after the body absorbs abundant chlorophyll, it can accelerate wound healing and improve heart function.

    2. Vitamin supplements

    People eat an appropriate amount of wheatgrass powder, which can supplement the body with rich vitamins. It not only contains vitamin A and vitamin C, but also contains a certain amount of vitamin B and vitamin E. These substances can promote the development of human vision, improve human nerve function, and accelerate the absorption of calcium by the human body. It can meet the normal metabolism of the human body for vitamins, and can also improve the anti-aging ability of the human body, which is of great benefit to improving the quality of the human body.

    3. Maintain acid-base balance

    Wheatgrass powder is rich in trace elements. It is a typical alkaline food and has the title of “King of Alkaline Foods”. It is said that the content of alkaline substances is higher than that of spinach. Usually people eat more wheat straw powder to correct the acidic constitution of human beings, and also to maintain the acid-base balance of human internal environment. It can significantly reduce the sub-health state of human beings and prevent cancer caused by excessive acidic substances.

    4. Promote digestion

    People can also promote digestion by eating some wheatgrass powder. Wheatgrass powder can supplement the human body with rich active ingredients, and can also allow the body to absorb rich enzymes. These substances can accelerate the secretion of digestive juice, repair damaged gastrointestinal mucosa, and promote gastrointestinal motility. They are of great benefit to improving human gastrointestinal digestion and are most suitable for people with gastrointestinal dysfunction and indigestion.


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