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  • Factory Supply Hot Sale Pure Natural Cranberry Powder

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    Name: Cranberry Powder

    Raw material: Cranberries

    Color: pink

    Appearance: powder

    Product specification: 25kg/drum or customized

    Shelf life: 12 months

    Storage method: Please store in a cool, ventilated and dry place

    Place of Origin: Ya’an, Sichuan, China

    Uses:?dietary supplement, baking, beverage

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    Cranberry is a common name for the subgenus of red raspberry (scientific name: Oxycoccos, also known as the subgenus of wormwood) in the Rhododendron family. Species in this subgenus are evergreen shrubs that grow mainly in cool-zone acidic peat soils of the Northern Hemisphere. Flowers dark pink, in racemes. red berries can be eaten as fruit.

    Cranberry is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, anthocyanin, hippuric acid, catechin, Vacciniin, etc. It has very good antioxidant, antibacterial and purification effects . In particular, cranberries contain super-popular antioxidants, proanthocyanidins. With their special antioxidant capacity and free-muscle scavenger conditions, they can prevent cell damage and maintain cell health and vitality. Cranberries are also rich in dietary fiber.

    Because the cranberry itself has a strong sour taste, the juice as a beverage is generally mixed with sweeter ingredients such as syrup or apple juice. Cranberry is a natural antibacterial health-care fruit. It is the best natural dietary food for preventing and treating various bacterial infections, urethritis and cystitis in women’s daily urinary system. Cranberries are one of the few crops that can grow in acidic soil, and they require a lot of water. Once a branch begins to grow, it will continue to grow for many years. Some branches can grow for 7 to 10 years before bearing fruit.


    fine powder

    pure taste

    natural primary colors

    rich dietary fiber?and vitamins

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